Eight guest rooms
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遠州 ENSYUU 401

A carefully arranged space that stimulates the five senses with
antiques, karakami, bonsai and a Japanese tatami mats room.
Bath with cypress fragrant
Great view of Heian Shrine’s torii gate and Kyocera museum

Room size: 54.21㎡
Maximum number of guests: 4
Original pajamas
Amenity set made by British brand NOBLE ISLE
Madame Christie original Ceylon blend tea
Walden Woods Kyoto drip coffee
Gion Tsujiri’s Uji Sencha tea
CD Bluetooth player by Technics
Mini kitchen counter
Cutlery: Large and small spoons, forks and knives
Original tea set by Tetsuya Yamamoto
Original double mattress bed by Sealy
Check-in time: 15:00 to 23:00
Check out: 12:00
All rooms non-smoking
Wi-Fi internet available
To experience highest sound quality, we have installed Technics and BOSE speakers
Enjoy audio also via Bluetooth
Microwave and kitchen counter
Drinks in the refrigerator are all inclusive
Parking place nearby
遠州 ENSYUU 401 間取り図