Accommodation Agreement

Article 1 (Contract provisions)
  • Matters of the contract with the hotel or in regards therein that are not stipulated in the agreement shall be determined as needed by laws and customs.
  • Regardless of the provisions in the preceding paragraph, the hotel may come up with a special contract in response to this clause’s effects, within the boundaries of laws and customs.
Article 2 (Application of the Accommodation Agreement)
  • Those who intend to enter into this agreement with the hotel agree to the following.
    • Accommodation's name, contact information (address and telephone number)
    • Travel dates and estimated time of arrival
    • Rates (as detailed in Table 1: Basic prices)
    • Other matters as deemed necessary by the hotel
  • Should you wish to stay longer than your previously agreed dates, the hotel will treat the extended stay as a separate accommodation contract.
  • If the conditions of this agreement change, the hotel will immediately update the contents of the contract after the change.
Article 3 (Establishment of the Accommodation Agreement, etc.)
  • It is assumed that your accommodation agreement is established once the hotel approves your application as stipulated in the above; however, this will not be the case if it is proven that the hotel for whatever reason did not approve.
  • Once the accommodation contract has been established, the fee for the length of stay (3 days worth in the case it exceeds 3 days) will be paid by the date specified by the hotel.
  • In addition to the accommodation charges to be paid by the guest, should the situations specified in Article 5 and Article 18 occur, penalty charges will be accrued. The payment of remaining balances will be dealt with by the regulations detailed in Article 9.
  • If the hotel does not receive payment as agreed (based on the stipulations in Article 2) by the deadline, the accommodation agreement will cease to be effective. This is not the case if a later date has been negotiated between the guest and the hotel.
    Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 2, there are cases in which the hotel will not require the payment of the application fee.
    Under the special circumstances of this contract, if the hotel does not specify a date for the application payment, this matter will be handled as a special case in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
Article 4 (Rejection of the Accommodation Agreement)
  • In the following cases, the hotel may not accept your accommodation request.
    • When the application does not meet the conditions specified in these articles.
    • When there are no available vacant rooms at the hotel.
    • When an applicant shows high risk of violating contract stipulations or facing trouble with the law.
    • If an applicant is a member of a gang or other “Anti-Social Forces” as specified by the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members.
    • If an applicant is a part of a corporation or other organization whose business activities are directed by Anti-Social Forces.
    • If an applicant is part of a corporation or organization whose officers or directors include Anti-Social Forces.
    • When an applicant is visibly suffering from an infectious disease.
    • If an applicant’s request exceed the range of reasonable expectations.
    • If unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters or facilities failures halt hotel business.
    • If a guest poses high risk of disturbing other hotel guests.
    • If the hotel receives complaints about the applicant from other guests.
    • If the guest’s behavior is adversely affecting the business carried out by the hotel’s officers or employees.
    • If the guest is in possession of dangerous items (such as firearms or petroleums), drugs, or other such items as prohibited by laws and regulations.
    • If the guest has been deemed unacceptable in the past due to reasons specified in Article 6, Paragraph 1, or in items No. 4 or No. 5.
    • Other, when there is a legitimate reason.
Article 5 (Contract cancellation rights for hotel guests)
  • Guests have the right to cancel their accommodation contract.
  • In the case that the guest cancels part or all of their contract (under the stipulations lain out in Article 3, Paragraph 2, in which the hotel specified the due date for application fee payment and the contract was canceled before payment was received). As detailed in Table 2, there will be a penalty. This is not the case, however, when as detailed in Paragraph 4.1 there is a special contract in place, in which case it is contingent upon notification from the hotel.
  • After 10:00 PM, if it is after two hours past the guest’s estimated time of arrival, the hotel will assume the guests have chosen to cancel their accommodation.
Article 6
  • The hotel may cancel the accommodation contract under the circumstances lain out below.
    • In the circumstance detailed in Article 4 from No. 3 to No. 15.
    • If you do not provide the mandatory details in Article 2, Paragraph 1.
    • In the event that the customer fails to pay the requested reservation fee
    • If a person other than the guests whose names are on the contract stays in the hotel room.
Article 7 (Registration of Information)
  • Guests will be asked to give the following information at the front desk when they arrive at the hotel.
    • Names of guests, age, sex, address, and occupation.
    • Foreigners without a registered address in Japan will be asked to give their nationality, passport number, port of entry, and entry date. (For confirmation purposes, we will make a copy of your passport.
    • Departure date and the scheduled departure time.
    • Other matters as deemed necessary by the hotel.
Article 8 (Room Availability Hours)
  • Guests can use their rooms from the 3:00 PM check-in time until they check out at 12:00 AM. After check-in and before checkout, guests are free to use their rooms all day.
  • The hotel cleaning staff cleans the guest rooms and common areas 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
  • For guests staying 2 or more days, we ask that you vacate the room so that staff may clean the room and replace towels. This does not apply should you wish to decline the cleaning service. Please note that the hotel does not bear responsibility for the loss or damage of items.
    Regardless of the above provisions, the hotel will not allow extensions beyond the times mentioned therein. If you fail to check out on time, you will pay 100 percent of the day fee for the room, regardless of the amount of time you use it. However, if it is negotiated in advance, the hotel may allow late checkout under certain conditions (although the ability to do this is contingent upon room availability).
Article 9 (Fee Payment)
  • Payment for these charges can be made in cash, credit card or other methods can be carried out at the front desk at the time of arrival .
  • Guests will still be charged the listed room rates in the case that they no longer wish to stay.
Article 10 (Observance of Rules)
  • Guests agree to follow the rules set by the hotel.
Article 11 (Refusal to stay overnight)

The hotel may cancel the accommodation contract under the circumstances lain out below.

  • In the circumstance detailed in Article 4 from No. 3 to No. 15.
  • If a person other than the guests whose names are on the contract stays in the hotel room.
  • If you smoke in a non-smoking room or in non-smoking areas of the hotel, tamper with the smoke detectors or other fire prevention items, or if you refuse to comply with hotel rules about other prohibited items and behaviors.
Article 12 (Responsibilities of the Hotel)
  • This guarantee begins upon the guest’s completion of accommodation procedures at the front desk and ends when you depart.
  • Except when it becomes impossible for the facility to provide the guest with a room or due to a natural disaster or other reasons, when the property is to blame the facility, another accommodation facility with a similar fee will be arranged for the guest.
  • In case of item 2 above, we will not be liable for more than room charges.
  • 上記第2項の場合、宿泊料金以上の賠償責任は負いかねます。
Article 13 (Handling of the deposit)
  • If valuables that were accepted to be stored at the front desk are lost or damaged at the fault of the hotel, the hotel will compensate you for the damage.
    However, if the guest failed to inform the hotel of the items’ value, the limit for damage compensation is 150,000 yen. In some circumstances, the hotel may refuse to hold the items for you.
  • If items you bring to the hotel are lost or damaged at the fault of the hotel, you will be compensated. However, without knowing the value of the goods beforehand, the limit for this insurance is 150,000 yen. The hotel is not responsible for loss or damage caused at the fault of the guest. If the damage is not largely the fault of the hotel, the hotel is not responsible. We appreciate your care in protecting your goods as you see fit.
Article 14 (Storage of guests’ baggage and small items)
  • Items can be left with the hotel until your check-in time, at which point they will be handed over to you.
  • IIf hotel staff finds any forgotten items, we will attempt to contact the owner and have it returned to you. However, in the case that the owner is unknown, we will store the item for seven days, after which we will turn unclaimed items over to the nearest police station. Food and magazines will be stored until the end of the day they were found, after which they will be disposed of.
Article 15 (Parking)
  • The hotel does not have a parking lot. Guests coming by car must park in one of the nearby lots. We cannot guarantee there will be parking space in the nearby lots. You are responsible for securing your own parking, as the hotel does not assume any responsibility.
Article 16 (Guest Responsibilities)

When the hotel suffers damages either intentionally or by the negligence of the guest, the guest will pay compensation for the damage.

Article 17 (Jurisdiction and applicable law)
  • All disputes arising out of this agreement shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese law.
Table 1
Total amount to be paid by the guest Hotel fee Base room charge (incl. service charges)
Additional fees Food and beverage charges and other usage fees (incl. service charges)
Tax Consumption tax

Note: If the tax laws are amended, consumption tax for our services will change accordingly.

Table 2

Penalty for breaking contract (specified in Article 5, Paragraph 1)

Cancellation charge No-show Day of Day before 2 days prior 7 days prior
Individual customers 100% 100% 80% 50% 20%
Group guests over 11 persons 100% 100% 100% 80% 50%

Note) % of the original room fee will be paid in penalty for breaking contract.